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The ROLE Blk MEN Play In C0|0R!SM & How Blk women are to BLAME

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This video is about comedy and the news you need to hear about it . it also gives clarification on how 4c hair is looked at. in this video i speak on the tyler perry's (madea),Blameitonkway(TEETEE),eddie murphy,Kevin hart & Martin lawrence (Sheneneh) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PEEP MY 2ND CHANNEL! ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED CAR NEAR ME | NEVER HAGGLE OVER PRICE ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME IG/TWITTER:TROYCETV CASHAPP:TROYCETV EMAIL:DESTINTROYCE@GMAIL.COM FACEBOOK:IAMTROYCE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'LL NEVAAA CHANGE..TROYCE OUT THIS BITXH
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