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BLK Women CANCELED For Targeting "Gorgeous" Light Sk!n WOMAN "Evelyn Lozada" For "No REASON??"

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This video is about OG & Evelyn LOZADO & i got inspiration for this watching Empressive Channel video on this and decided to talk about vh1's creation Basket ball wives. So here are my thoughts on that & jason lee defending her. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PEEP MY 2ND CHANNEL! ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USED CAR NEAR ME | NEVER HAGGLE OVER PRICE ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- where i get my SEA MOSS .. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME IG/TWITTER:TROYCETV CASHAPP:TROYCETV EMAIL:DESTINTROYCE@GMAIL.COM FACEBOOK:IAMTROYCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAMERA - Canon rebel S1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'LL NEVAAA CHANGE..TROYCE OUT THIS BITXH
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